The 3 Travellers visited the beautiful city of Den Haag situated on the North Sea coast, in the western region of the Netherlands, before corona had stopped travel. The city has its own beautiful architecture as the rest of Europe and a rich heritage to go with it. We are used to living in a city which was less busy and small compared to that of The Hague. It was suddenly new for us to see so many people around and yes this is coming from three Indians.

We started our journey at around 06:00 am in the morning from Enschede Kennispark station. We always used to take our trains and start our journey from there as it was closer to where we used to live. It was almost a 3 hours long train journey and we reached Den Haag HS station around 11 am. We had registered for “IamExpat Fair The Hague 2019” in Groete Kerk, Den Haag. It was an event for expats in the Netherlands regarding lifestyle, education, living, finance, work, etc. and allowed us a chance to talk with suppliers during the event. After spending 3 hours there, getting to know so much information on life in the Netherlands, we decided to drift around the city.

Equestrian Statue of William of Orange ©The 3 Travellers

We started to walk towards the center of the city and were amused by a huge palace – Huis Ten Bosch, which is one of the residences of the King Willem-Alexander lives. We took a few pictures around the palace and stopped for a coffee break nearby. I’m a big fan of the movie “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” and they shot half of the movie in the Netherlands. They showed the International Court of Justice from Den Haag in one of its scenes. I have always wanted to visit the place since then. Then we decided to visit the court and rambled till there. It was not the place they showed in the movie but it was way more than what I expected. I could not get a chance to visit the court inside. But we enjoyed viewing it from a distance like everyone else and took some wonderful shots.

A windmill along the tram route ©The 3 Travellers
International Court of Justice ©The 3 Travellers

Then we had our lunch nearby and I have one of my friends from India who lives in Delft. It has been months since we met and I always wanted to visit him and it is also an opportunity for us to visit Delft – canal-ringed city in the western Netherlands. We took a Tram from Den Haag to Delft and it was my first tram journey in the Netherlands. One of the longest and beautiful tram journeys I have had. I had a great moment of recording the whole tram journey as a timelapse.

Finally, after a 30 mins tram journey, we reached Delft, and it dropped us right in front of the Delft train station. It was a really huge station with a wonderful look from the outside. My friend was there at the station to receive us. We started exploring the neighborhood and walked all the way to TU Delft University campus. The whole university campus was really huge and had such extraordinary infrastructure. After roaming around Delf for a few hours we decided to head back, and took a train from Delft, back to Enschede.

Delft train station ©The 3 Travellers
Den Haag to Delft timelapse ©The 3 Travellers

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