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I’m going to talk about one of the places I cherished in the Netherlands where I got an opportunity to live for 4 months. I used to live in Enschede during my first year in the Netherlands and moved to Heerlen in August 2020. It is situated in the southeast part of the country and settled in the third-largest province Limburg. 

It is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and famous for the Mines and Artists from there. The world’s first mine water power station was started in Heerlen. The mine water project was started way back in the 1800s. It has created a vast number of job opportunities since then. It is also well known for its architecture and one of the most famous architects, Frits Peutz. Schunck is a huge and tall Glass palace at the center of the city next to the great medieval church. It is also the cultural palace of the city. Lots of events and people gather at the building all around the year. You can check all the details about touring, events, and gatherings in the schunck at this link https://schunck.nl/

When I first moved to the city, I was amused by the location of the train and bus station. The way it was built and by the look of it, you can clearly say, it is such a wonderful glimpse into your eyes. The walk around the station is the city center and you can easily find everything you need over there. The way the city was planned was admirable. As you know, the streets of the city are just phenomenal like most of the cities in Europe. There are lots of other small towns nearby, I used to cycle to those places during the weekends and explore the places. All of them were typical dutch towns with restaurants and bars.  

©The 3 Travellers
©The 3 Travellers

Theatre Heerlen is one of the must-see places to visit when you are in Heerlen. If you are interested in any form of theatre program then it is a wonderful place to be. Also, there are always events happening at the theatre, you can check for the current events at their website here https://www.plt.nl/

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Poppodium Nieuew Nor is a music venue, but it is more than just concerts & dance activities. Outside of the presentation function, they stand as a stage in the heart of regional pop culture. NEW NOR is a cooperation partner of various providers of pop and other culture in Parkstad, organizes at and with schools, and is a driver of new developments, both regionally and provincially. I got an opportunity to attend one of their concerts which took place in Heerlen. It was a band called Yin Yin. They are from Maastricht but make music inspired by 60’s and 70’s sound from South-Asia, they call it ‘Thaichedelic’. I had a wonderful time at the concert and for more events and concerts organized by Nieuwe Nor while you are in Heerlen or anywhere in Limburg, check their website for more details https://nieuwenor.nl/

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The nightlife in Heerlen cannot get any better with the best bars over there. There are so many bars in the city center and most of them started somewhere around 30 to 40 years back. They know the real value of the place and their customers. What more do you want to do than experiencing the best bar hopping at least 10 different places. I used to play snooker with my friends there at this Matchpoint Heerlen on Fridays. We even used to go to a bowling arena nearby during the weekends, it is located right next to the Stadium Kerkrade. It is a huge shopping arena, where you can also find bouwmarkt, praxis, and other shopping markets. Apparently the IKEA there is the largest in the whole of the Netherlands. There is also a movie theatre located at the same place, so bowling, movies, and good food all at the same place. This sounds to me like the best weekend to chill over there.   

Last and the most important thing that you must experience when you visit Heerlen is the Street Art tour. The whole city is painted by the wonderful handpicked artist from Heerlen. The tour will take you a whole trip inside the city. It is one of the most artistic street art tours I ever visited. You can find details about the tour in this link.

Street art in Heerlen via visit Zuid-Limburg

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