Sumatra, Indonesia. Eco Tourism, Jungles, Wildlife, National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, People, Culture, Traditions, Trekking, Rafting,
59 Min. English. @Gabrijela1972 – Travel Channel
Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia. Island Hopping, People, Architecture, Traditions, Food, Beaches, Natural Beauty.
12 Min. English. @DjemoGraphic
Sumatra, Indonesia. Cities, People, Churches, Plantations, Temples, Wildlife. 10 Min. English. @The Creative Globetrotter
Ecotourism in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Forests, Wildlife, Hiking, Plantations. 4 Min. English. @World Nomads
Drone Views of Sumatra, Indonesia. Jungles, Wildlife, Beaches, Plantations, Hiking, Biking, 8 Min. English. @Fbnt1

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